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Who we are:

We are a family business founded in 1976. We produce and export different kinds of fruit.

Our subsidiary  Exportadora  Atlas S.A. (www.atlas-ex.cl)  exports our production since 1992. Our main aim is the production of fruit of excepcional quality.

The solid relationship we have with our clients is base on mutual trust, confidence and the quality of our products and services.

Our Busineses philosophy:

We aim to be one of the principal fruit producers and exporters, emphasizing the quality of our products, being an environmentally friendly  company and taking special care of every person who works with us.

Our values:

Agroelite ltd. and all other firms linked to our family center their production mamagement on:

Care and Respect for both people and environment.

Meticulous in maintaining the quality of our products and services.

Promote creativity and innovation.


As we are extremely concerned in giving total satisfaction to our consumers, producing high quality fruit and taking special care  of the environment and of our  workers health, we have satisfactorily introduced protocoles procedures of Good Agricultural  and Manufacture Practises and Eurepgap certification.



CERT. Santa María ranch and Santa Verónica ranch.




CERT. Santa Victoria ranch and El Vaticano ranch.

  Our processing plant:

Our porcessing plant is in Olivar, on the outskirts of the town of  Rancagua. We have a refrigerating capacity of 13.500 bins (the equivalent of 250.000 boxes) of which 8.500 are kept in conventional refrigerated chambers and 4.400 are kept in  controlled atmosphere chambers.

The fruit is packed in two different packing houses. Our new electronic pome packing selects and grades the fruit according to weight and colour. The grape packing house operates with the tradicional system of manual labour in the selection and packaging of the fruit.

Our facilities comply with all the regulations for fire prevention and control plus policies in case of emergency. The accesses to the premises are also safeguarded.


 Our orchards:

Agroelite Ltd. Has over 300 hectare of fruit trees and vine plantations with advanced  technology. Almost all our plantations use drip irrigation systems. The proximity of the orchards to our processing plant allows us to shorten the time span between harvesting and the arrival  of the fruit to the processing plant.



  Our services:

Agroelite ltd. facilities allows us to provide packing, fumigation, transportation and refrigeration of both  bins   with fruit and packed fruit.The fruit is being continually tested by highly specialized members of Agroelite ltd staff, ensuring that the fruit entrusted to us is  both innocuous and of high quality during the time it remains in our refrigerated chambers.



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